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Pussy Cdlp020 Palmskin Productions Kunstruk Front Cover Small


DNLLPW020 Released: 7 February 2000

Trackback to the early 90's and Palm Skin Productions were dropping killer 12”s on the fledgeling Mo Wax label. Simon Richmond was the man with the plan - he hit the ground running after percussion duties for Talkin' Loud's K-Creative and stamped his name all over a burgeoning scene with classics including Like Brothers, Spock With A Beard͛ and The Beast.

The next couple of years were spent traversing the globe DJing, playing live and hooking up with all sorts of artists who wanted to tap the Palm Skin vibe via his remix and production talents. After signing to Virgin subsidiary Hut In 96 he unleashed his magnum opus Remilixir, a multi-faceted work that steered away from the dancefloor in search of more cerebral pursuits.

Over the past few years, he's been on production duties here, there and everywhere, working with Johnny Dollar and performing live with drum and bass outfit King Kooba. Somewhere in the middle of this frantic schedule, he recorded his second album Künstruk. Howie B got wind of it and before Palm Skin knew what hit him Pussyfoot had it in the can.

Künstruk is Palm Skin venturing further into the realms of electronica but without compromising on the funk he's renowned for. Stark electro merged with irrepressibly funky breaks, remote synthesizers firing in other dimensions, warm chords throbbing with euphoric strains and Palm Skin weaving the layers together in seamless opposition.

The eponymous track Künstruk pulses into existence in a gated groove before dropping into tough drums and snarling bass for a beat-heavy epic. What You Are surges on a bed of driving rhythms while Kleinzeit is a euphoric cut of layered electro breaks, cut-up drums building in a crescendo as you reach the apex. Multi-textured, urban and hard-hitting Künstruk is the sound of Palm Skin Productions back on the block.

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