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Daddylonglegs ‎– Horse


DNLLPW016 Released: 18 October 1999

‘Horse’ is a melting pot of skewed analogue electronica and earthy funk with an equestrian twist.

Is this factor integral to your appreciation of this album? Horse feathers! The theme came to fruition at an early stage, a literal interpretation of a lolloping percussive gait but it’s horses for courses for the aural experience - an appreciation of equine arts is not crucial - these tracks tell a multitude of stories for a myriad of possible themes. Melding spaced out blues, funky folk and galloping grooves for wide open spaces this is music to move to, speeding through the dusty light of grand canyons and in and out of small-town tales from the original pioneers.

Whether your Mustang has four hooves or four wheels it’s an aural escape from the urban sprawl, running a rural route that heads off the beaten track at the first opportunity. ‘Pony Express’ and ‘The Cobbler’ ride a wave of chugging funk, kicking out the beats in their wake as modal synth lines pulse while the double time frenetics of ‘Don’t Milk Ya Hoss’ are tempered with a deliciously languid bass. The live elements punctuate and embellish, Jeremy’s delicately distorted solo on ‘Black Beauty’ bursting out of the traps with sinewy power while Howie’s hands-on approach to mixing defies the automation of the machines, teasing layers of sound from the mix before isolating, mutating and extinguishing.

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