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South Sea Bubble 2000 Lower

First On The Left

EPDNLW036 Released: 13 September 1999

This is the sound of South Sea Bubble, an occasional and dangerous duo comprised of Simon ‘Palm Skin’ Richmond and Greg ‘Dr. X’ Rowland. Deranged, hopped up and looking for action here they come with their debut single. Blending the organ-grinding grooves of the 60’s parka brigade with speeding beats and funky keys this jump-up cut heads straight for the dancefloor. Snatches of psychedelia give a touch of retro-active flavour but these boys aren’t looking back - this is a one-way ticket into the horizon and you will be travelling at high velocity.

So whether you’re tearing across town on your wheels, shaking it up at a street party or working the dancefloor in the early hours ‘First On The Left’ is guaranteed to put a smile on your face and a glide in your stride. Ain’t no half steppin’ with the boys from the bubble. Which way do you hang? To the right or the left?

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