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You can thank the unlikely combination of the Buffalo Girls, Jean Michel Jarre and the Supreme Team for Dobie’s initiation into the world of beats, breaks and melodies. Having lost his vinyl virginity to the 70’s synth pop of ‘Oxygen’ it was Hip Hop that really got him hooked, made him want to buy records.

After rolling though his formative years creating mischief at South Bank, Dobie earned his stripes as a producer with the Soul II Soul, before teaming up with Howie B under the moniker Nomad Soul and eventually striking out on his own as master remixer. It was here Dobie started to catch people’s attention, deftly tweaking a diverse range of artists such as Bjork, Tricky, Massive Attack, Alicia’s Attic, Lighthouse Family and Gangstarr.

You never quite know what to expect from a Dobie creation, but you know its going to be a trip and that each listen will reveal something new.

His music might be filtered through binary numbers but it’s not just logic, pro-tools and computers that ignite his spark. Likewise, although hip hop provides the heart and soul to everything he does, rifle through his record collection and nestled among the usual suspects you’re just as likely to find Killing Joke, Kate Bush, Devo and Joy Division. This catholic taste in music came to fruition in Dobie first solo outing ‘The Sound of One Hand Clapping’ released on Howie B’s Pussyfoot label. Free to express himself as an artist in his own right Dobie honed his sonic harmonics by teaming up with a diverse range of vocalists such as Rodney P, Lain and Roots Manuva, putting their poetry in motion.

Releases by Dobie

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