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Ian Simmonds

Ian Simmonds

Ian Simmonds most recent release was 2015's "The Right Side Of Kind". He began his career at the end of the 80's with the Sandals, then moved on to producing as Juryman, Wiseintime and under his own name. He moved to Germany in 2005 to take the Wiseintime band on the road working with the cream of Germany's young jazz players.

Born in the foot hills of Snowdonia, Ian comes from a long line of Welsh wordsmiths and artists. As a youngster, he travelled a lot with his family to the USA and Australia.

"Uneasy listening and unpopular culture is where I sit , I have been writing poems and stories since I was a boy. Photography, film, painting and the politics of justice, it's all the same to me... Music just ties it all together. Throwing out some kind of truth and then seeing who will listen or respond is not a popular way to carry on ....maybe people think they have too much to loose ... try to give a positive picture and travel light" - Ian Simmonds

Releases by Ian Simmonds

Wish Road