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About Pussyfoot

Pussyfoot was started in 1993 by DJ, Artist and Producer Howie B and Business partner Nick Young in response to the lack of musical diversity seen in other record labels. We were one of the first truly independent record labels, Pussyfoot toed the waters of musical expression through genre-bending releases from the likes of Spacer, Naked Funk, Rodney P, Dobie and Howie B himself. Our musical focus was all things electronic: breaks, beats, trip-hop, downtempo, and enough technical experimentation to shake a Moog at (Moog shaking not advised). We hate being put in a box, Pussyfoot also explored folk, hip-hop, funk, and a whole host of hybrid genres.

Pussyfoot was a musical incubator, allowing artists to explore and hone their musical independence. Artists such as Alison Goldfrapp, who lent her vocal stylings to Spacers album ‘Sensory Man’, and then went on to be hugely successful in Goldfrapp. Jacknife Lee who released his album ‘Muy Rico’ went on to be a big-time music producer for the likes of Snow Patrol, Bloc Party, The Black Keys and U2. After so much excitement, we needed a short cat nap. And after 15 long years we have awoken with a feverish urge to stretch our legs in new and exciting ways.

So here we are, reopening our digi-doors in 2018 with the same message as it began with: musical diversity and exploration. Pussyfoots desire to be ever evolving is what drew music fans to us 20 years ago, now we're aiming to scoop up the hyphenated generation alongside the old die-hard fans. Future-Jazz, Thai-Folk, Chinese-Electronica and Big beats & Blues... We will continue to cut and paste musical styles together and we won’t stop at bedtime. With a rag tag team of rebellious music makers waiting in the wings of Pussyfoot HQ, there are a multitude of new and intriguing releases waiting to be deposited into your ears from UK, Europe, Japan, China and Thailand. That is not to say that our old faithful’s will be left in the dust, with new music in the works from Sie and Howie B, which will surely wet your whistle.

Pussyfoot was notorious for its compilation albums, curated choices on a set theme that featured members of the Pussyfoot alumni and friends, family and lovers. Themes stretched from cartoon hijinks of ‘Pussytoons’, the super stealthy spy thriller ‘PussyGalore’, Japanese album ‘Fish Smell Like Cat’, to the more X-rated porn themed ‘Suck It & See’. What do most of these albums have in common? Artist Toshio Nakanishi and his irreplaceably iconic album covers. One of the first releases on Pussyfoot 2.0 will be a new compilation. We are picking up where we left off- musically, tonally and with the same brazen tongue in cheek message – Don’t take music so seriously.